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次期Mac Proは、Intel Core i7 980X(3.33GHz/6Core)かもしれないらしい?


The slide confirms that the new processor will be based on a 32nm process with 6 cores and 12 threads. This means a dual configured Mac Pro will have 12 physical cores and 24 logical cores. Also revealed is that the processor will reach a frequency of 3.33GHz. This new 6-core processor should arrive by March 2010, giving a possible timeframe for the next Mac Pro refresh.

……というわけで、3.33GHz 6コアなMac Proが出るかもしれないらしい。
でも、もしデスクトップ向けCPUで今と変わらない値段(28万くらい)だったら、割高感はありますね。今のMac ProはUPとはいえXeonなので……。